Indoor Gardening: Mammillaria Celsiana's blooming pink show.

Indoor Gardening: Mammillaria Celsiana's blooming pink show.

Our indoor garden plants have started to bloom! We have been enjoying a spectacular show of flowers. It's been a very colourful Winter. The Cactus collection keeps growing. 

Today I am presenting you this grafted and stunning Mammillaria Celsiana showing off its bright pink flowers. I found it by chance as usually happens during my plant hunting visits to stores and nurseries. What got my attention was the shape and resemblance of a 70's Disco ball! It did not have any flowers at that time. 

Mammillaria Celsiana is what is called a globous (globe or sphere) cactus. This beauty is native to Mexico. A very easy to care cactus and ideal for beginners.

General Care:

  • It needs full sun light. This one is growing under LED lights and thriving!
  • Commercial cactus potting mixes are ideal.
  • I water every two weeks or so and only when the soil is really dry.
  • Only need repotting after a few years during early Spring works best.

That's it!  

Happy gardening!

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