Indoor Gardening: St. Patrick's Day with Oxalis Triangularis


Indoor Gardening: St. Patrick's Day with Oxalis Triangularis.

Anytime is a good time to involve plants in celebrations, isn't it? Today, I am featuring Oxalis Triangularis or "false" Shamrock to mark St. Patrick's Day. The truth is that this plant is not Clover (the so called "real" Shamrock that grows in Ireland) it actually grows in South America.

Oxalis Triangularis is available at stores during this time every year here in Canada. It has become our Shamrock! I love having this plant around right before the start of Spring. We only have these ones blooming right now.

This year I found a couple of very healthy ones at the supermarket (for a bargain of $3.88) that started to bloom beautifully. Look at these delicate flowers! Stunning.

Learn about what you need to grow and care for them on this post. I am going to give them bloom booster and see if we can enjoy flowers for a longer time. That would be amazing! Oxalis Triangularis make a great indoor plants. Get yours before they are gone! They are very hard to find after St. Patrick's Day.

P.S. case you were wondering...we also have Oxalis Triangularis with purple leaves and pink flowers. 

Happy gardening!