Winterizing Red Ivy Leaf Geraniums from Summer 2021


Winterizing Red Ivy Geraniums from Summer 2021.
Cannot believe the warm temperature we are having in T.O. today. Such a spectacular day to get outside and go for a long walk. I really hope you did!

Looking at our balcony completely empty I started thinking about what to plant next Spring. Gardening is a way of life for me, I am always, always gardening.

I am a huge fan of Ivy Leaf Geraniums and always wanted to have them gloriously trailing from our railing planters. Just like you see them in Austria or Switzerland. 
Although I have not achieved this completely yet, I am happy with the look and show of colours we got from them until recently. 

Since my previous winterizing experiment  with Geraniums was a success I decided to do it again and try this time with Ivy Leaf Geraniums. They are so beautiful and have to admit that it was very hard to cut them down! 

I repotted them and placed them under LED grow lights in groups with other indoor plants. Have been feeding them as well as all Geraniums with flowering booster every other week. 

They are growing fast! Hopefully blooms appear soon. Stay tuned!

NOTE: By the way, this is a great time to make yourself new plants. Full instructions here.

Happy gardening!