Indoor gardening: Satin Pothos or Scindapsus Pictus "Exotica"


Indoor gardening: Satin Pothos or Scindapsus Pictus "Exotica".

Today, I am sharing a new addition to our indoor garden collection. Stunning, isn't it? This is Satin Pothos or Sindapsus Pictus "Exotica", one of the most popular plants of the past few years. So popular, that it is not only very hard to find it but also very expensive! As it happens with anything that it turns trendy, right?

Satin Pothos is the beautiful "hand painted" cousin (well...kind of, related to) of Pothos and Philodendrons. A beauty native to Southeast Asia. The satin part of the name comes from the specs "splashed" on the leaves. I believe that plants should always be part of any home decor. 

I have been looking to add Satin Pothos to our indoor garden collection for a very long time. Lucky enough I discovered two small ones at a favorite florist that always carries a great variety of plants. Could not believe I scored the only ones they had!

Satin Pothos is very easy to care for. It needs medium to light, indirect light, houseplants fertilizer. Always allow the soil to dry (dry to the touch, of course) between each watering. Your watering schedule will depend on your location and weather. Here in the North, our homes are heated from Fall to Spring. I water our Pothos twice a week when needed.

Our new Satin Pothos are now sharing a very pretty pot and placed under LED lights. Hopefully they will start growing and trailing soon. Stay tuned for more photos!

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Happy gardening!