Indoor Gardening: Polka Dot Plant "Pink Brocade" sophistication


Indoor Gardening: Polka Dot Plant "Pink Brocade" sophistication.

Pink is a colour that predominates in our blooming houseplants. It just happens that I go for pink. It gives me joy; it makes me smile. I read that in psychology the colour pink is a sign of hope. It promotes positive feelings, calms and soothes our emotions. I have to agree!

This beauty above is Polka Dot Plant "Pink Brocade". Isn't it stunning? Believe it or not, this is a common (and affordable too) houseplant that you can find even at the supermarket. A humble, simple and yet sophisticated plant. Ours is doing very well under LED growing lights and close to a humidifier.

This is a plant very easy to care for. Keep the soil moist, provide bright indirect light (indoors) and make sure there is enough humidity in the air. 

Happy gardening!