Indoor Gardening: Propagating Jade plants from fallen leaves

Indoor Gardening: Propagating Jade plants from fallen leaves.

Jade plants have always been part of our indoor garden collection. A native from South Africa. A plant that symbolizes friendship, luck and prosperity. 


  • I use Water Soluble Plant Food 20-20-20 on all our plants.
  • Or I make my own Coffee Grinds Fertilizer. 
  • Instead of applying them directly on the soil I make "tea". 
  • Basically, after I make my coffee, I run the machine again.
  • Jades love light. Place them indoors under grow LED lights. 
  • Water them when the top soil is dry, about every two weeks.
  • Wipe leaves with a wet cloth and keep them shinny!

Jade plants are so easy to propagate. Do not discard fallen leaves as you can grow a new plant from every single one! That's right. Of course, you will have to select the very best and healthy leaves.
Honestly, I rarely trim our Jade plants. Cannot bear to cut their beautiful branches.

Take a look on the images above. See the roots forming on the leaf? 

This is now a happy growing plantlet! Amazing, isn't it? 

Save fallen leaves, they fall when the soil is either too dry or wet, keep an eye on it and manage your watering periods. You can leave them right on the soil where they are or place them with fresh soil in a new pot. Make yourself new plants. So easy!

NOTE: I am propagating Jade plants on planting medium left over from Amaryllis kits

Happy gardening!