Indoor Gardening: Cephalocereus senilis or Old Man Cactus


Indoor Gardening: Cephalocereus senilis or Old Man Cactus

What a beautiful day today here in T.O! I hope you had the chance to be outdoors. Today I am showing off my latest plant finding. Have you ever seen a hairy cactus that looks just like your own hair? Well, I did and am in shock! This happened while grocery shopping at a very well known store. I found this cactus so cool and beautiful that ended in my shopping basket very fast. Only a few left. No kidding!

This is Cephalocereus senillis (senillis means gray) or Old Man Cactus native to Hidalgo and Veracruz in central Mexico. I am not too happy with the popular name "Old Man Cactus". 

Well, let me tell you that this cactus looks anything but "old". It actually looks like right out of hair salon! Love its hair do. By the way, grey is cool.

So what is this grey hair on the cactus anyway? They are in fact modified spines that protect it from the elements such as cold and sun. Nature is genius! Do not fool yourself and go touch it. Under the hair it has sharp yellowish central spines.

Isn't it precious?

Cephalocereus senillis (yes, I am going with this name instead of the other one) loves a hot and dry environment. It needs very little water and only once in a while.

TIP: I use a small and smooth craft/painting brush to clean all cactus. It works and causes no damage at all.

NOTE: some of you asked about the flowers in the background of my blog. They are pink Pelargoniums I had growing indoors called Georgina Forever. Stunning! My own photo by the way.

Happy gardening!