Indoor Gardening: DIY Pot and Saucer. Save. Rescued Mican


Indoor Gardening: DIY Pot and Saucer. Save. Rescued Mican.

This post is divided in two today. 

1- First, I want to talk about the price of ceramic pots and how ridiculously expensive have become over the years. I know that it is all about manufacturing+transportation+shipping. So expensive that many people wonder if to invest in a pot or plant instead of both. I purchase ceramic pots because they are part of our home decor. Some also decorate our balcony garden in the warmer months. 

As we know, having a pot with drainage is key to grow a health plant. This beautiful pot you see on the image above came with a drainage hole but without a saucer. I loved the colour and style so much that could not pass it! So I decided to buy it and add my own saucer. 

This is a very simple DIY project that anyone can do using just two things:

  • Measure the bottom of your pot
  • Look for a terracotta saucer that nicely fits your pot and leaves room for water
  • Make sure your pot and saucer are dry
  • Craft glue for ceramic of your favorite brand 
  • Follow brand instructions
  • Add a few drops carefully to the bottom of your pot
  • Attach and glue your pot to the saucer
  • Let dry 
You might look and find a saucer that better matches the colour of your pot. I just went for an affordable (mine is new) terracotta saucer available at craft stores. 

2- Now I want to talk about this rescued plant I found "hidden" (not quite visible I meant) in a discount rack a few months back at a store while looking for light bulbs. To my surprise it was a Philodendron "Mican"
A 6 inch pot for that price? Did you see the regular price on the sticker? $27.99 before tax. What? Well, I guess it goes with the new "plant parenting trend". 

Although it was quite damaged and neglected. I knew it had potential. Sadly, I had to cut it down and leave room for new growth. "Mican" was dormant during the Winter months and it is now growing new leaves. Cannot wait to see how beautiful this plant is going to be! Rescuing this plant was a well worth challenge.

Happy gardening!