The almost magical awakening of our winterized Geraniums

The almost magical awakening of our winterized Geraniums. Spring is around the corner.
Geraniums are my most favorite plants when it comes to balcony and container gardening. They are beautiful and so easy to care for. I like combining them in different colours.

Last Fall I decided to try and winterize most of them. What was the point of letting them go (throwing them out) after caring for them since Spring? Not this time.

Reading around I learned that there are many and simple ways of doing this.

This is what I did:
  1. Cut them down (I left them in the containers they were initially planted)
  2. Stopped watering them
  3. Placed them under lights (I used inexpensive growing lights combined with LED lights)
It worked. Here they are. I am so happy! Some of them even started blooming already. Cannot wait to place them out in our balcony again. Stay tuned for more posts.

Happy gardening!