Did we score a purple Petunia from the Surfinia family?


Did we score a purple Petunia from the Surfinia family?

I hope you are having fun decorating your garden despite the sudden weather changes we are experiencing here in Toronto. This year has been a bit of a challenge finding affordable annual flower options to combine in our railing planters. 

On the other hand, it has been a nice surprise finding beautiful mixed flower baskets at great prices right at the local supermarket garden center. For a second year on a row!

I have to admit having little experience caring for some of the annuals that came in the flower baskets such as a nice selection of Petunias. Will be sharing them all on future posts. By the way, we ended up chatting with other customers about these purple Petunias. We realized that many other people took the exact same baskets home. I wish I could see these beautiful flowers in their gardens! 

The baskets we picked had no tags so here I am reading around to find their name. 

Is this (the darker and bigger one) purple Petunia from the Surfinia family? May be...or may be not...Not all Petunias are Surfinias

After doing some reading, I now understand that Surfinias reinvented Petunias as a genus. Also read that there are 35 species of Petunias and they originated in South America. 

While researching online I found on this flipping book a page written by Chris Spanton where he shares lots of information about Surfinias. I thought you might find it interesting and very useful if you are caring for these plants as well. 

Happy Gardening!