Manfreda + Agave = Mangave. Our "Navajo Pricess" blooming.

Manfreda + Agave = Mangave. Our "Navajo Pricess" blooming.
After so many compliments about our indoor plants I decided to start showing them off. Today is the time to introduce you to Mangave

Mangave is the result of a cross between two succulents.

Manfreda + Agave = Mangave.

We found this beauty during a grocery shopping trip and could not pass it! It seems to be blooming. Is it? Are these buds going to open or not? Have no idea. 

Searched the Internet for its specific name and believe it is a "Navajo Princess". 

It fits the description with cream margins contrasted by green centers and serrated leaves. We placed it in a sunny window with a group of succulents. It seems very happy there. 

Found no photos of Mangave in bloom. I read and learned that blooming is infrequent. Are these stunning blooms a miracle? I think so!

Happy gardening!