Oxalis: Luck'o the Irish? White Shamrock in bloom. Absolutely!


Oxalis: Luck'o the Irish? White Shamrock in bloom. Absolutely!

Today I want to share the Luck'o the Irish with this blooming Oxalis or ShamrockBack in February, right before St. Patrick's Day while grocery shopping I spotted this delicate beauty. Never had one before and could not resist bringing home the Luck'o the Irish.

As it looked a little sad these past couple of months I decided to transplant it into another pot with more space and a plant buddy. Success! Just as we enjoy the company of friends, plants enjoy being together with other plants. 

To my surprise, the Shamrock has been happier and suddenly started blooming again! Magic? We need a little magic during these challenging times, don't we?

This beauty only gives two precious white flowers at a time. Such a treasure to me. It was a little challenging to take a good shot. Shamrock lives together with many other plants under growing LED lights. Isn't it precious?

Believe it or not, something really good (something I wanted for a very long time) happened to me recently while the Shamrock started blooming. Luck'o the Irish? Absolutely! 

Happy gardening!