Oxalis: Luck'o the Irish? White Shamrock in bloom. Three flowers


Oxalis: Luck'o the Irish? White Shamrock in bloom again. 

Today I am posting again (you probably read my prior post) about the Luck'o the IrishOxalis or Shamrock is blooming again. It is stunning. I am so happy!

Honestly, this tiny plant looked so fragile and sad a few months back that I wasn't sure it would survive. To my surprise, the Shamrock started blooming once again and for the third time since then! It is the only indoor plant that is blooming right now at home. Awesome!

Oxalis Triangularis has beautiful purple leaves that respond and move to light level changes. During the day leaves remain open and close tight at night. It looks quite a different plant.

On a prior post you saw this beauty showing off only two precious white blooms. Today you can see on the photo it is showing three instead! This means this small plant is growing bigger and stronger. 


  • It spends most of the day under grow LED lights 
  • Placed in a nice spot with a group of plants
  • It receives plant food every two weeks
  • It gets watered when soil starts to dry out 

If you are looking for a cute tiny plant to add to your collection, I highly recommend it.

P.S. I really hope you like this photo. This time I turned off the grow LED lights!

Happy gardening!