Book Review: Hi Cacti” Growing Houseplants & Happiness book


Hi Cacti” Growing Houseplants & Happiness book. 

As days are getting colder, many of us will be spending many months indoor soon. It would be an excellent idea to “green” our spaces with living plants as studies show that gardening is beneficial for our wellbeing. I have been an avid gardener for most of my life and find so much joy having plants at home. It is absolutely true. Plants are good for you!

With this thought in mind, I am introducing you today to the “Hi Cacti” Growing Houseplants & Happiness book. “A colourful and botanical feel good guide”, as Sabina Palermo the author describes it.

I have collected many books about plants over the years. Plants are complex. Reading about them could be you know…intense, as there are so many things, (scientific and hard to remember names) to learn. This is what I call a “happy book”.

A book that is not only super colourful but also refreshing. Sabina offers you information and guidance about twenty plants (many trending right now!) and how to choose the right ones for your spaces. If you are already a plant parent aka “gardener” you will probably recognize many of them.

I found the size of “Hi Cacti” Growing Houseplants & Happiness book very practical, as I can carry it with me anywhere (think travel).

As a crafty person, I found Chapter three, Plant Projects very creative and inspiring. Have to confess that I spent a lot of time going through the projects. In fact, I have been busy working on some of them to decorate my own plants.

Chapter Five is all about styling your plants at home and choosing the best pots for them. As we know, good plant pots can cost a small fortune these days. Sabina included and shared some ideas about reusing materials you might already have at home to create your own.

“Hi Cacti” Growing Houseplants & Happiness is the book that was missing in your library. I liked how Sabina shares her journey with plants, tells us about her heritage and knowledge in a fun way. I enjoyed the colourful graphics and beautiful photography included in all chapters. It was such an engaging experience from beginning to end. Unique plant recipes are also included. Aren’t you curious? Of course, you are.

I found Sabina’s tutorials clear and easy to follow. I learned how to finally build a moss pole for our non-stop growing Monstera Adansonii, most commonly known as the Cheese Plant. It is a fast-growing plant and needs support. If you don’t have this beauty already, you might soon as there is also information about how to care for it in this book.

Enjoy this “feel-good book” as Sabina describes it, because “Hi Cacti” Growing Houseplants & Happiness will teach you how to live with plants, care for them, self-awareness and more mindfulness content that you will absolutely love.

Happy reading!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from The Quarto Group but have not been financially compensated in any way. I was not required to write a positive review. My opinions are my own.