Indoor Gardening: Apple Blossom and Red Lyon Amaryllis.


Indoor Gardening: Apple Blossom and Red Lyon Amaryllis. 

As Holiday decorations are in full swing, this is also the perfect time to gather your greenery and live plants decor. I already found my favorite Amaryllis at my local supermarket: Apple Blossom, Bolero and Red Lyon. They became the focal point of our Holiday decorations over the years

Having flowers at home during the Winter is such a fabulous thing!

On the photo above you can see Apple Blossom (the bi-colour beauty) and Red Lyon in full bloom last Winter. Aren't they stunning? 

TIP: I found Amaryllis at the supermarket to be the most affordable. They come in many colours. Hurry up as quantities are quite limited!

Stay tuned for photos of this Winter's Amaryllis!

Happy Gardening!