Indoor Gardening: Forcing Hyacinth bulbs. Early Winter blooms


Indoor Gardening: Forcing Hyacinth bulbs. Early Winter blooms.

There is nothing more cheerful than having fresh flowers at home. Isn't it? I have been forcing bulbs these months as you saw on this prior post and this one. I am now forcing Hyacinth bulbs. 

Could not believe what I found at those stores where we used to find things for a buck!  Hyacinth forcing kits all the way from Holland. These affordable kits (by the way, they make great gifts!) come in a box with with bulbs that will grow and bloom into lavender, pink and white Hyacinth flowers and the glass bulb jar/vase. 

Hyacinths will fill your room with a lovely sweet fragrance that will take you right into Spring. These ones on the image above are under LED growing lights and will bloom close to the New Year, right when I start dreaming about Spring! 

Try forcing blooming bulbs! Fill your home with colourful and fragrant flowers.

Happy gardening!