Indoor Gardening: Green and Red Congo Philodendron.

Indoor Gardening: Green and Red Congo Philodendron. 
Plant sales are happening at many stores right now. You never know what you are going to find at the clearance area until you start seriously looking around. If you find something interesting take it! Although I can agree that most plants might not look very well, many have just been neglected and are worth the rescue. Remember that taking care of plants require good vibes, knowledge and love. 

Many plants in our indoor garden collection have been rescued and brought home (for an absolute ridiculous discounted price!) this way. I spotted these sad but healthy-looking Congo Philodendrons and could not pass them. It just took a good shower, plant food and some water to make them feel a little better. I also added support. They are now together and doing just fine under grow LED lights. 

Congo Philodendrons are native to South America. They make great indoor plants and are so easy to care for. It can grow up to 76 cm which are about 30 inches tall. 

Recently, I realized that we have many Philodendron plants. Here you can see our Brazil and Birken Philodendron beauties. Also have Green Heart Leaf, Xanadu and Micans

Grow your own Philodendron, so many to choose from.

Happy Gardening!