Indoor Gardening: Sansevieria Masoniana. Whale or Shark Fin.


Indoor Gardening: Sansevieria Masoniana. Whale or Shark Fin.

Cannot believe I came across this rare beauty while picking up some groceries at a very popular establishment. If you were wondering, it was a super deal!  I really like the marble looking pot it came in. Although Sansevieria Masoniana has always been on my list of plants to have, I wasn't really looking for it. Never thought that all of a sudden it would be part of our indoor garden and a new addition to our snake plants collection.

Most people have snake plants at home as they are sturdy and so easy to care for.

What it strikes me the most about Sansevieria Masoniana is that it has no stem. I can see the resemblance with a whale or shark fin. Cannot wait until it starts growing bigger and see how it will really looks like. Apparently,  just like other snake plants it grows well just about anywhere. 

I read that it can grow as high as 3 to 4 feet tall but it will take years to grow that big. 

This plant has a very unique look with smudge spots nicely distributed on a dark green background and a leathery feeling to the touch. It definitely looks like a tough plant! 

Happy gardening!