Indoor Gardening: Purple Oxalis Triangularis. Artistic beauty

Indoor Gardening: Purple leaf Oxalis Triangularis. Artistic beauty.

St. Patrick's Dabeautiful green hues have come down until next year. I want to show off our Purple leaf Oxalis Triangularis beauties, also called false Shamrock.

I came across two kinds. Yes. I know how lucky I am...The one shown on the first photo from the top down has two hues of purple. It seems like hand painted by nature! The other one down the bottom, with a pink bloom is more common and pops everywhere around St. Patrick's Day here.

These plants are very, very delicate and you should handle them very carefully. 


  • It spends most of the day under grow LED lights 
  • Placed in a nice spot with a group of plants
  • It receives plant food every two weeks
  • It gets watered when soil starts to dry out 

In case you were out celebrating St. Patrick's Day and missed my other posts, here and here you can see our green Oxalis.

Happy gardening!