Indoor Gardening: Growing Canary Ivy vines indoors.


Indoor Gardening: Growing Canary Ivy vines indoors.

Today, I am featuring the Canary Ivy. One of the most beautiful ivy vines. These plants look like as if nature "painted" their leaves with a brush in green and white! I have to say that it took me a long time to find a good one and with a long trailing foliage. 

Take a look at the center of the pot on the image above. Can you see the small plant? I believe that they ran out of enough Ivy to fill up the pot and decided to add a little something, a Pothos, which is also called "Devil's Ivy". Nice! I got two plants instead of one. 

Always keep an eye on your Ivy plants for pests such as aphids, mealybugs and spider mites. These last ones are very common during the Winter months as our homes are extremely dry. I only use homemade pest treatments in our plants.


  • A spray bottle 
  • Mild liquid Soap or detergent (I use mild detergent), one teaspoon
  • Add them to your spray bottle and mix with lukewarm water
  • Spray your plants and fight!

Did you read a post about our English Ivy? Also very beautiful but with much smaller leaves. 

Happy gardening!