Indoor Gardening: Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes indoors.


Indoor Gardening: Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes indoors.

Most of us are already planning our outdoor gardens, aren't we? Either a yard or a balcony, we cannot wait to get outside and grow things! If you visited garden centers lately, they have a huge amount of seeds available. Personally I prefer to purchase plants already grown and "ready" for our balcony garden. 

The pandemic made us better gardeners and more appreciative of the plants we have. Today we are also more interested and focused into growing plants we can eat. 

We want to plant FOOD. 

The idea of having tomatoes and greens growing in the balcony garden seems ideal but we live in the city. It's dirty. I would rather grow them indoors. It's clean.

We have been growing gourmet veggies and herbs for a long time right on the kitchen counter under LED lights. Tomatoes did really well. Now we are growing hydroponic tomatoes. We have tested this system last year and grew different kinds of greens. It was amazing! 

In no time at all you will have delicious food ready to eat. If you are wondering how fast, it usually takes about sixty days for these crops to fully develop. Isn't that great? Check it out, read and learn more from the experts about hydroponics

Stay tuned as I will be posting again about the hydroponic gourmet garden once flowers and tomatoes are showing.

Happy gardening!