St. John's NL: MUN Botanical Garden Memorial University


St. John's NL: MUN Botanical Garden Memorial University 

The St. John's, MUN Botanical Garden is by far my most favorite place to visit. Check the admission rates! There is no excuse not to visit. All gardeners and plant lovers should see this nature's wonder. It's just amazing!

A very easy to find and get to location in St. John's. Walk, drive, take a bus or taxi.

Imagine five nature trails, a large cultivated garden area, a Gift Shop, Garden Cafe (they offer delicious lunches, baked goodies and more!) and a greenhouse (they have a Rare Plant Research Program) in a 100-acre nature reserve. Check the map below. So much to see and discover! 

This is a day trip idea you should add to your calendar of activities right now. Contemplate nature, learn, hike the trails, so much to do. 

Bring your camera and a great lens if you have one! Or just capture nature with your smart phone as I did. Yes, I took tons of photos. Of course.

Isn't that amazing? The MUN Botanical Garden is a place to learn, nature bathe (yes, it has become a thing), they have great Gardening Information and Educational Resources as well.

There are lots of Rhododendrons in St. John's. You can see them everywhere. The Botanical Garden has a fantastic collection and a festival

Today, I wanted to introduce you to this amazing place. I have much more to tell and show you about the St. John's, MUN Botanical Garden. Stay tuned for more posts!

Happy gardening and travels!