Cupids, NL: Cupids Legacy Centre. First English Settlement


Cupids, NL: Cupids Legacy Centre. First English Settlement
Visiting Heritage, Historic sites and Museums was a great part of the visit to St. John's and areas this year. There is so much to discover, learn and see at these places.

Cupids Legacy Centre is a must visit. Add it to your list! Imagine 170,000 artifacts that tell a story on display! This is the first English Settlement in Canada founded in 1610 by John Guy and 39 British colonists. Read more here.

The Museum is amazing! Experience life in Conception Bay through the centuries. Hear, see, read and explore. 

As an avid gardener I was very impressed when I saw this dibber (also called dibble or dibbler) on display. This is a great tool that is still used today to make holes on the ground to plant seeds or bulbs.

What about also a rooftop fairy garden? Yes. You read right, fairies. Fairy folklore is much alive in Newfoundland and Labrador and especially in Conception Bay, in the Avalon Peninsula. 

Fairies are also known as Little People or Little Fellas. By the way, they are not related to any of those cartoons we know. Where is this all coming from? Ireland.

 Find out about the fairies I saw at Cupids. Stay tuned to my next post!

NOTE: You can also visit Brigus on the same day and the Hathorne Cottage National Historic Site. Make the most of your drive. Cupids and Brigus are very close from each other.

Happy travels!