Gift Wrapping Ideas: Fairies Wrap. Make your own gift toppers


Gift Wrapping Ideas: Fairies Wrap. Make your own gift toppers.

Gift Wrapping is one of my most favorite creative activities. I miss teaching my Gift Wrapping Workshops as I used to in December every year. Today wrapping gifts come with a higher cost. Prices are one big factor, people do not spend that much on gift wrapping materials. A good quality sheet of gift wrapping paper can cost about ten dollars!

With this in mind today I am sharing an easy way to decorate your packages combining gift wrapping papers and cut outs. I used a plain cheaper wrapping paper for this packages and cut out fairies from another paper to add some fun. 

I wanted them to look cartoonish and 3D. So I decorated them with glitter, stickers and added scraps of tulle to their tutus. I then affixed them on the packages using tiny glue dots. These fairies are part of the gift as they can easily be removed and kept by the recipient. They can also be turn into a Christmas ornament!

Happy crafting!