Repurposed DIY Gift Wrap for Boxed Grocery Store Amaryllis


Repurposed DIY Gift Wrap for Boxed Grocery Store Amaryllis 

Boxed Grocery Store Amaryllis make wonderful plant gifts. A great gift idea for the Holiday Season. They are also affordable if you get them at grocery stores. I collected quite a few over the past few months to give away and grow at home. 

Today I am sharing with you how to gift wrap and pack boxed Amaryllis. Take a look at the images above. As you can see the box comes with a photo of the bulb in full bloom. I want the receiver to get excited about the beautiful flower is getting. It also comes with instructions I want the receiver to have. 

Things to keep in mind:

The box needs to stay partially open. It also needs to be secured enough for the Amaryllis to breathe and don't move.

I just folded and tucked the top lid of the box inside. Then brought the other lids together to the center of the box and tied them up with ribbon. Then added a couple of ornaments to finish the gift wrap with a festive touch. That's it!

Now you have a repurposed DIY gift wrap for your boxed grocery store Amaryllis in minutes! No waste, no cost, no hassle and pretty.

Happy gift wrapping!

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