Indoor Gardening: Ceropegia hearts growing under LED lights


Indoor Gardening: Ceropegia hearts growing under LED lights

Winter is back here in T.O. I hope you are safe and warm. It is on days like these that I feel even more grateful of having an indoor garden. Things look pretty dull right now. Honestly, plants help us cope with the long Winter months. They represent growth and hope after all. 

Today I am showing off a Ceropegia also known as String of Hearts. This is a very pretty succulent like plant native to South Africa. This beauty has been part of the indoor garden in the past. But even though it bloomed many times and graciously trailed, sadly died. 

Ceropegia became a very trendy plant during the past few years and expensive enough that could cost you a small fortune! 

Honestly, I resisted the temptation of getting a new one until recently. While grocery shopping I found this baby one on a display among other plants. Guess what happened? It came home!

As space is limited under LED growing lights in the indoor garden I had no idea where to place it. I wanted it to be growing as a group with other plants. Luckily found a spot in the kitchen right under cabinet LED lights and is doing fantastic. So good that today I spotted two new hearts!

It's kind of a romantic scene, isn't it? Two new hearts side be side growing together...

Phil Collins lyrics came to mind:

"Two hearts believing in just one mindYou know we're two hearts believing in just one mind..."

These two hearts are also a sign that Spring is coming sooner than I hope.

How to grow a Ceropegia:

  • It needs bright light or LED light
  • Water it only when soil is slightly dry
  • Use good all-purpose soil mix (give it fresh soil)
  • Fertilize during the warmer months (although I also fertilize in the Winter)
  • It blooms in the Summer and Fall. I use flower booster to get more blooms

Anyway, you can find healthy plants in many places. Keep your eyes peeled!

Happy gardening!