Indoor Gardening: Notocactus scopa inermis crested grafted


Indoor Gardening: Notocactus scopa inermis crested grafted.

The visit to the Arizona desert made me even more interested in learning about cactus and growing them indoors. The indoor cactus garden keeps growing! 

Today I am showing off an amazing find from my favorite nursery. If you were wondering, yes, I found it at the cactus section by chance. This is such an interesting plant I could not pass. Sadly, it did not have a tag with a name. As employees were very busy assisting other customers. I decided to leave and do my own research. So glad to see so many plant parents interested in new plants!

Without any clue, I decided to search online using the word "crested" because it looks like a crest, doesn't it? In many cases plant names include a word that describes their shape.

I found it! Its name is Notocactus scopa inermis crested. Wow! It is native to Mexico. It is in fact a very unique cacti. The dark green background makes a great contrast with the small and white areoles on top. They are so fuzzy that look like wool fibers! This cacti is nicely grafted. Such a great idea since it has no spine. It looks to me like a modern style sculpture. Love it!

Notocactus scopa inermis crested is easy to grow. I read that it needs direct sun light to keep its shape but light shade during the summer months. 

It is now happily growing under LED lights among other cactus and succulents. So far so good! It needs to be watered about every 12 days. I learned that it produces a yellow flower that emerges from the center of the crest. Cannot wait to see it! WIll be sharing photos as soon as it happens.

Happy gardening!