Winterizing Pink and Red Geraniums from Summer 2021


Winterizing Pink and Red Geraniums from Summer 2021.

Today I want to post about winterizing pink and red Geraniums from Summer 2021. Transitioning plants from the balcony garden to indoors is always a challenge. 

Balcony gardening has been great during these past warmer months. Plants gave us a fabulous show of colours. Although it is impossible to keep all plants as most annuals die indoors, Geraniums are your best choice. Since my previous winterizing experiment was a success I decided to do it again but in a different way. It really was

You can read here how I did it last year. 

After such long blooming seasons, I could not imagine cutting these Geraniums. I decided instead to place them in groups with some of our indoor plants right under LED grow lights. 

They started blooming again! May be because I have been feeding them with this "secret food" (new ingredient in this year's winterizing experiment) since they came indoors. Remember this post?

Stay tuned!

NOTE: Fall is a perfect season to make yourself new plants. Find full instructions here.

Happy gardening!