Celebrating Halloween and magic: Cupids Faerie Garden in NL


Celebrating Halloween and magic: Cupids Faerie Garden in NL

Remember those posts from the Summer trip to Newfoundland? Well, I have been saving this one until now. During the visit to the Legacy Centre in Cupids, the museum guide took us to the rooftop for a very special surprise. 

A Faerie Garden! You can view the harbour and surrounding areas from there. Spectacular views. It's amazing! I absolutely love faeries and could not be more delighted seeing them all. These sculptures are so beautiful. You have to visit it if you love faeries as much as I do! 

In case you were wondering...yes...of course...I brought a Newfie faerie home as a very special souvenir this time. You can find a fabulous variety of faeries at stores in St. John's

Halloween (Samhain) is one of my most favorite times of the year. I enjoy the magic and folklore of it. The Celts believe that on the eve of Halloween, fairies and spirits come out...and closer...to us...

Never know...watch out for faeries...and faerie dust...Enjoy the magic!

Happy Halloween! I know...I posted early...