Arizona Desert: Grand Canyon West Barrel Cactus in bloom

Arizona Desert: Grand Canyon West Barrel Cactus in bloom

I hope you are enjoying milder temperatures in T.O. It is very nice outside. Thankfully February's Polar Vortex has come and gone. 

Today I am sharing the first yellow bloom of my baby Barrel Cactus. This precious and tiny plant came home with me from Arizona. I feel this flower is a miracle considering this cactus is growing under LED lights and not the sun. I read that most houseplant cacti can take about ten or more years to bloom. What?

Curiously, I noticed that the flower shuts when is dark. I read that when in the desert flowers stay open for pollinator visits during the day. Of course, it depends on the type of cactus. There are others that stay open for nocturnal pollinators. Nature is amazing!

There is a funny and kind of amazing story behind this find I want to share with you.
While at the Skywalk shop at Grand Canyon West getting some souvenirs I found this tiny Barrel Cactus all by itself at the back of a shelf. 

I thought it was a cute fridge magnet. To my surprise I learned that in fact it was live plant at the cash register! Honestly, I could not believe my luck as apparently, it was the last one left. Did you notice the tiny hand painted terracotta pot the Barrel Cactus is in?

Kindly, I was given a certificate from the Arizona Department of Agriculture for it. You absolutely need this document for your plant. Also found out that the Barrel Cactus came from the Bach's Cactus Nursery. This is a very important nursery in Tucson, Arizona I need to visit.

If you follow my blog you know about my trip to the Grand Canyon West and the amazing plants, trees and forest I saw there. While you are here take a look at a pink Moon Cactus in bloom.

Happy gardening!

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