Indoor Gardening: Winterizing Geraniums from last Summer


Indoor Gardening: Winterizing Geraniums from last Summer

Now that all plants are indoors from the balcony I want to talk about winterizing Geraniums. Geraniums are among the most affordable and easy to care for plants. I really hope you divided yours during the warm months and made new plants.

With proper care and dedication they can provide you with a show of colourful and beautiful flowers from Summer to Fall.

Let's winterize these beauties! It's easy. 

This is how I do it:
  1. Leave plants in the containers they were initially planted.
  2. Cut them down. 
  3. Stopped watering them.
  4. Placed them under LED or growing lights. 
TIP: I grow plants under cabinet lights as well. Most are LED these days. Try yours!

Geraniums get used to the indoor environment and start their dormant period. They look quite different when they start "waking up". You might even get surprise blooms during the Winter. I did! Check this post. So worth it to keep and winterize your Geraniums.

Happy Gardening!