Indoor Gardening: First winterized Geraniums 2021 blooms


Indoor Gardening: First winterized Geraniums 2020 blooms.

What a delight was waking up to this colourful surprise today! Look at this beautiful pink Geranium bloom and let your mind travel right to next Spring. The pandemic certainly made me a better gardener. With that thought, I decided to try and keep what gave me so much joy during this very difficult time alive longer. 

I started winterizing Geraniums in the Fall of 2020. 

Read about what I did back them on this post. It worked! See the process and results here and here. Geraniums came right back to life.

So far, I have tried two different ways of winterizing Geraniums. This past Fall I winterized Geraniums from Summer 2021. As I mentioned on this past post, this time I did not cut down the plants and instead placed them right under LED lights.

The secret of having beautiful Winter blooms is applying a bloom booster to winterizing Geraniums every other week. I use a water soluble one. It works! 

Talk to your garden center expert and check one of the brands available. 

NOTE: This is the same bloom booster product I used Spring and Summer on all flowering balcony plants. Results were fantastic! A non stop beautiful blooming show until Fall. More flowers? Get inspired and revisit balcony gardening posts here.

Happy gardening!