The Dungeon NL: Eastern Hyper-Oceanic Barrens ecoregion


The Dungeon NL: Eastern Hyper-Oceanic Barrens ecoregion

Last post was about Bonavista Lighthouse and Puffins heavenI hope you found it interesting and inspiring. Today, I am sharing The Dungeon Provincial Park. This was of course also on the agenda during the visit to Bonavista. 

This is a place you absolutely need to see one day. Contemplate it and see the power of the North Atlantic Ocean waves and thousands years of erosion. 

These amazing looking rocks are 600 million years old and known as the Dungeon. Take a look at the photos I took above and see how two amazing caves go right into the ocean. Let me tell you that I found it quite tricky to take photos there. 

You can see great photos on the Discovery Global GeoparkLike this shot from above. Isn't it amazing?

You can download an Eastern Hyper-Oceanic Barrens PDF from the Government of Canada with lots of information such as vegetation, trees, read about the landscape, soil development, climate, wildlife, location, protected areas, etc. here.

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